We are UK’s market leading R&D tax specialists!

Generating in excess of £50m in claim benefit for our clients to date!

GGTC are a specialist organisation that focuses entirely on helping clients both realise and maximise their entitlements using Research and Development Tax Credits.

R&D Tax credits form a key part of Government strategy to boost innovation in business. Reducing the real cost of investment in improving products and processes and remain one of the largest single Government funding mechanisms available for business. Organisations with a turnover not exceeding €100M and fewer than 500 employees claim under the Small & Medium Sized (SME) scheme. Organisations above those limits claim under the Large Company scheme. From 1st April 2013 a company can claim under either one of two Large Company regimes.

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How to claim your Research and Development Tax Credits! Getting started

GGTC welcomes the opportunity to help clients receive their entitlement to Government funding from current schemes. Research and Development Tax Credits are available right now.

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We are the market leading Research and Development tax specialists and have generated benefit in excess of £50m to date for our rapidly growing client base.

We pride ourselves on maximising Research and Development (R&D) tax credit claims for our many hundred satisfied clients across numerous industry sectors, including Pharmaceuticals, Software, Engineering, Manufacturing, Life Sciences, Automotive, Aeronautics, Construction, Design, Energy, Food & Drink and Healthcare & Education. More about us